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luxury elopement in Rome

Planning Your Dream Luxury Elopement in 2023

The term “elopement” still carries a negative connotation to some people. Until today, it’s associated with lovers going off the grid and finding the first chapel they find to exchange I Do’s. And while this might have been the case back then, elopements have changed, especially when considering a  luxury elopement.

Today, elopements entail having an intimate wedding instead of a big, grandiose celebration. Still, just because it’s a toned-down event, doesn’t mean you can’t make it luxurious. Since you’re not accommodating many guests, you can allocate your budget to details like your dream location and dress.

Here are some tips on planning a luxury elopement you may want to take note of:

Choose Your Dream Location for your Luxury Elopement

As mentioned in The Elopement Guidebook, choosing a location nearby lets you avoid long distances and flying if you’re planning on eloping in the near future. But if you have plans on having it in the next year or so, it doesn’t hurt to look into booking your dream destination. After all, your elopement doesn’t happen every day, so you might as well have it at a prime spot.

If you want to be surrounded by jaw-dropping natural beauty, look into Lago di Como in Northern Italy, a gorgeous area situated in the Lombardy region. If you want to be in the presence of beaches, rainforests, and historic forts, the perfect place for you is Kauai, in Hawaii.

Luxury Elopement in Lake Como

Don’t Hesitate To Splurge On Your Dress.

Just because the event is primarily going to be only between the two of you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the dress of your dreams. You would want to wear the dress you feel most beautiful and comfortable in, even if you’re only dressing up for you, your partner, and for the photos!

When choosing your ideal outfit, Wikihow’s rundown of wedding dresses for different body shapes recommends picking one that doesn’t only look gorgeous on the hanger, but on your body, too. Finding out the cut that flatters your figure will lead you to discover the dress that you look and feel your absolute best in.
Luxury Elopement in Rome, Italy

Plan A Private Post-Elopement Party.

The whole point of elopement is relishing in a “just us” moment between you and your partner, and you may want to extend it by having a private post-elopement party as well. Brides notes that spending some time for just the two of you after the wedding can make it extra memorable, may it be a private dinner overlooking the beach or doing some wine tasting together.

Of course, just like in a traditional wedding, you’ll want to be prepared for the entire romantic night. Since you’ve already chosen the perfect dress, go all out and choose the right garment underneath as well. Pretty Me’s guide to lingerie highlights how choosing the perfect piece can make you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. For such a special occasion, lace never fails to make you feel more gorgeous in your own skin, which helps in making the day extra romantic and intimate, and the night, one you’ll never forget.


Book The Right Photographer.

To immortalize the occasion, you’ll also want to book the right photographer that is capable of capturing the best moments. As you’re going all out anyway, it pays to have the best in the industry, ideally one that has an impressive portfolio and shoots similar to the style you like best. The last thing you want is to shell out so much money on your special day and not have some beautiful photos to look back on, so be sure to choose the photographer wisely.



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