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Elopement vs Wedding: Ravello


An elopement vs wedding, what’s the difference? The world is changing and it is clear, that traditional weddings are going to have to be different at least for awhile.  Elopements or micro-weddings are going to be the new normal.

Planning a traditional wedding is in itself can be a stressful experience and now with the Coronavirus, it’s become practically impossible.

Many couples who had to cancel their traditional wedding are thinking of eloping as an alternative option.

Travel is still limited and many countries won’t allow large gatherings so guests can’t come.

Many venues are still closed or limited gatherings and the list goes on…

In this video I’d like to share with you a few options and show you how to have a memorable micro wedding or elopement. 

Maybe it’s your Plan B option, but I’ll show you have to make it a Plan A wedding.

I’ll highlight the benefits and share useful ideas of having a magical elopement versus a traditional wedding especially during these challenging times.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rochelle and I’ve been specializing in Elopements for over 10 years way before Coronavirus. 

I’ve helped couples elope around the globe.

In 2019, I published a book “The  elopement Experience” which is a complete guide to designing a magical, intimate wedding.

At the end of this post, I share with you how to download a free chapter of the book.

Cabo, Mexico Micro-Wedding


It’s a myth to think that elopements are less than traditional weddings.

They’re not a Plan B option anymore. 

At least the elopements I’m referring too.

Sure there are the cheap elopement packages out there where everything is included in a couple of hours, they squeeze in your vows and if you’re lucky you’ll end with a few quick and “debatable” pics for memory sake.

But the perfect elopement experience I’m referring too, is to design your dream day, the whole day from morning to evening doing things you love together in a meaningful place declaring your love and commitment to one another.

With no one around, or just a few select favorite people, you can really connect on a deep level.

From getting ready, to exchanging your vows, to newly wed walk discovering  beautiful places. 

Ending the best day of your life with  a candle light dinner together with your bottle of your favorite champagne or whatever you like to toast with.

It’s the whole experience of living your ideal day, with the person you love most, doing what you enjoy best.

Ravello microwedding


If you want to elope in the near future,  then I suggest choosing a location nearby, to avoid long distances and flying at this point.

Think locally.  Check with parks, and places close in your neighborhood.

For example, let’s say you live in California.

How  about eloping in San Diego?

Do you know how many beautiful places there are out here with all the wide open spaces  that are perfect for social distancing?

Think of Lake Tahoe, Sunset cliffs, or even the desert… like Joshua Tree.

If you live in California, check out this video I did on eloping in San Diego.

And the weather is good all year round. Even during the summer it never gets to hot in Southern California!

Some of my other favorite places to elope in the US are, Big Sur, Lake Tahoe or even Kauai.

You can choose to get married in beautiful nature locations like mountains, lake and ocean backdrops with wide open spaces.

With a good photographic eye, the right light and props, you can turn a “bland space” into something magical.

So reach out to a designer or photographer for ideas on how to design the location.

This is key!

Then have a good photographer  capture it all. They’ll have the right equipment to shoot from far for social distancing.

At a later date, you can have your official reception and share all your magical elopement photographs.

That way you have the best of both worlds.

A day alone together, and a day to share with all your friends and family with a post reception.

A San Diego Elopement at Sunset Cliffs

SOLO or invite a few friends (ELOPEMENT VS WEDDING)

Do you know how romantic it is to elope just the two of you? There are no rules!

Again, you can elope where and when you want and however you want. You plan your day the way you desire.

Remember, you can have have your traditional reception and renew your vows once this is over.  Same with your honeymoon.

Many of my couples who have eloped throughout the years (prior to coronavirus) have done this.

If you want to include guests, and have a micro-wedding, then select a handful of people to also  allow for social distancing.

This can easily be done in an open space like a park or beach.

Just make sure to stay updated with the government, state guidelines and CDC recommendations as it changes from day to day.

If you decide to elope just the two of you, and you still want your loved ones to participate, you can either live stream your ceremony or/ and have a ceremony/reception at a later date.

For a “venue” you can choose your home or an airbnb even at a close distance from your hometown or park, or beach for instance.

Elopement dinner for two on a secluded beach along the Amalfi Coast



Let’s face it, eloping is also much better for the environment one of the main reasons to choose an elopement vs wedding.

Big weddings, are not the most friendly for the environment especially if they have to fly everyone to a destination.

There is a lot less waste as well. And this pandemic has opened up our eyes on taking care better care of the world we live in and we all must do our own part.

Eloping today or in the near future is a wise option and super easy to organize compared to a traditional wedding. You’ll avoid the stressful hours of having to plan a large wedding: the venue, the flowers, the invitations, not to mention the dreaded seating arrangements.

Ask anyone who has had a large wedding, and most of them will affirm how stressful it is even if you have the world’s best planner.

I’m one of them. When I got married in Rome, I had over 500 guests! I was afraid to even walk down the aisle with everyone starring at me. I think after that experience is what has made me fall in love with elopements and would have an elopement vs wedding any day!

There’s a reason why couples who get married the 2nd time around, almost always opt-in for an elopement saying that one traditional wedding was definitely enough rolling their eyes.

In case you have to change dates, an elopement everything is so much easier to reschedule.

An elopement doesn’t have to be a cheap experience, or a plan B wedding.

It can be and should be one of the best days of your life.

Eloping today or in the near future is a simple and wise option.

And it is the most beautiful, authentic way to get married, at least from what I have witnessed and I’m sure many couples would agree with me.

Elopement vs Wedding: Capri



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