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How to Elope during Shutdown - dinner for two


You can’t quarantine love!  Couples are in love, probably now more than ever and some want to get married as soon as possible. In this post,  I’d going share some ideas and solutions  on how to elope during shutdown.

Yes, we’re living in unprecedented times.

The whole world has stopped and adapting to this Crisis.

But as they say, the show must go on.

Like many businesses, the wedding industry has been greatly affected.

Venues have closed, wedding vendors are on shutdown,  and travel is forbidden in many countries.

Sadly many couples had to cancel their weddings or  are rescheduling, or have difficulty planning their wedding.

Please note that I’m not a lawyer here and in no way should my advice replace governmental requirements. The law differs throughout the world. 

Things are rapidly changing as well from day to day.

Since I specialize in  elopements, I’ve been following this Pandemic when Italy got hit hard - as that is where I supposed to be heading this month for the Spring season.

I’m also half Italian from Rome and have family & friends there so I’m pretty much current with the affairs.

How to Elope during Shutdown

I will do my best to rely on what I know and give guidance in a non-bias way.


If you haven’t already, and you are getting married in the Spring or early summer, reach out to your venue and all your vendors, get a backup plan and reschedule. ASAP!

Everyone is in the same boat, and from what I have seen, being super flexible.

Besides the more time you have to reschedule, the better. 

Many venues and vendors have previous bookings before the Pandemic kicked in and are now squeezing couples in who need to reschedule. Dates are getting booked up for the remainder of this year and 2021.

Once you have all that squared away and rescheduled your wedding, why not have a symbolic ceremony at home just the two of you on your original date? 

After all you did choose that date for a reason.

  • You can start the morning with breakfast in bed and exchange love letters.
  • Prepare your day, get dressed up, hire a caterer prepare your favorite meal with your favorite wine.
  • Another fun idea is to  create a slideshow with all your favorite images and reminisce on how you met, when and where you got engaged and places you’ve been. 
  • Or  plan your honeymoon when all this is over!

The options are endless!

Rome Elopement - How to Photography Elopements


Start planning now! 

As mentioned earlier, many couples who were scheduled to have a conventional wedding are choosing to elope instead. it’s way faster, easier and so much cheaper. So venues and vendors are booking up quickly and many dates are unavailable

Couples are still booking their elopements for 2020 & 2021. 

My book “The Elopement Experience” has increased in sales and my site traffic is up.

I was just on a phone call the other day with a couple from the UK and we’re planning their elopement in Ravello in 2021.

How to Elope - Virtual Ceremony

If you are set on a specific location, then you might want to think of a week-day. Start doing research now.

To help you getting started with planning your elopement, my crash course, “Designing your Dream Elopement” is perfect during this shutdown. 

I’ll show you from start to finish the way how to  design your dream day, one that is meaningful to you. 

For example, how find the perfect location, the perfect venue, the perfect flowers, the perfect details, the color scheme and more. 

That way when the venues, and travel ban open up again, you will be ready to jump right in and book your elopement with a consolidated plan.

The coupon code is: letselopenow (50% off until April 25, 2020 for $97.00)

The entire process in accelerated course is fun filled with activities to do together as I walk you through step by step how to plan your elopement.

The Coronavirus will end and things will be going back to normal. 

How to Elope NOW with a Virtual Ceremony

You don’t want to wait. You want to get married now. So let's think outside box on how we can elope now.

For example, what about having an elopement in your own home? Do you have a backyard or garden? Why not have your ceremony there? 

  • You can order your florals, attire, rings or shoes and have them delivered right at your doorstep. 
  • Choose whatever is meaningful to you. 
  • For your hair & makeup, go to Youtube where you can find tons of tutorials.
  • Find an officiant to exchange your vows either in person or virtually - outside would be ideal for social distancing. 
  • You can choose  a certified officiant or even a family friend or no one at all.
  • Why not have a virtual ceremony and send an invite to family and friends to celebrate with you.  
  • With zoom, you can invite up to 100 people and mute and unmute guests when necessary.
  • Be creative and have a theme!
  • Then end your day and prepare an intimate candlelight dinner for two.
  • Pop a bottle of Champagne or your favorite wine.

Remember, if you want to have a symbolic ceremony, you can design your day however you like as you wait to legally get married.

Make sure to first check  with your state laws on social gatherings, marriage licenses and social distancing. 

How to Elope during Shutdown - dinner for two

Then at a later date, you can have your formal wedding or reception with all your family and friends in your dream venue. 

Yes, it’s totally ok to have your elopement then have full ceremony later on:) 

And once again, if you want to  move forward and plan your elopement during shutdown, you can take advantage of my crash course “Designing your dream elopement."

The accelerated course will show you how  to have a cohesive look with both color and design, along with choosing a theme and so much more that can all be applied for a Virtual Ceremony.

You’ll learn everything you’ll need to how to elope now and design your dream elopement.

Use the code: letselopenow  which is available until April 25, 2020

I hope these How to Elope Ideas during shutdown have helped. 

Remember, we’re all in this together and if you have any questions, please comment below.

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