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Lake Tahoe checks all the boxes for an elopement wedding or any romantic getaway: Fresh air, down-to-earth vibe, gorgeous mountains, crystal clear water, enchanting vistas wherever you look and with all its wide-open space it’s easy for social distancing. Why not elope in Lake Tahoe? It’s perfect for any romantic getaway especially elopement weddings.

According to U.S. News & World Report’s Lake Tahoe is ranked as one of the  Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA.”

I like to call it the Lake Como of USA. Both are large alpine lakes surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges with fun activities to do & see on your honeymoon after your elopement wedding.

Lake Tahoe has the Sierra Nevada Mountains, bordering California and Nevada. Lake Como has Switzerland’s Swiss Alps.

If you’d like to see how to elope in Lake Como I recently did a post here.

If you’re looking for an intimate wedding in Northern America, then Lake Tahoe might be your place for a picture-perfect elopement experience.

Elope in Lake Tahoe

Best time to Elope in Lake Tahoe?

It’s perfect all you round. If you want a winter a magical Winterland wedding – you’ll have the snow and fun snow sports like skiing…

In the summer, it hustles with fun summer activities, paddle boarding, beaches.

In the Fall you’ll have amazing Autumn colors as the trees change colors.

And in the Spring, you’ll have cooler temperatures for hiking and biking and gorgeous Spring colors.


Where to Elope in Lake Tahoe in nature:

Lake Tahoe is large and is divided between the North & South. Both are beautiful areas yet different. South Lake Tahoe is busier with casinos & and more touristy. North Lake Tahoe is quieter and more laid back with more high-end restaurants and venues. Some places will need a permit others do not.

  • Emerald Bay State Park Lookout
  • Sand Harbor
  • Tahoe Paradise Park
  • Logan Shoals Vista Point
  • One of Lake Tahoe Beaches
  • Sugar Pine Point State Park Pier


Some of my favorite venues are:

  • Ritz Carlton
  • Resort at Squaw Creek
  • Dancing Pines
  • and of course there so many Airbnbs….


What do you need to Elope in Lake Tahoe?

Marriage licenses vary depending on whether your ceremony is on the Nevada side or the California side of the lake.

Your first job will be to choose the ideal location, then decide on a theme that reflects you as a couple, and then put together your team of photographer, hair and makeup, florist, wedding gown and groomswear, venue or caterer.

As a wedding designer & photographer, I can help you with all of that. We’ll meet virtually, and get to know each other, then I’ll handpick a team tailored to you and give you a quotation.

It can all begin with a single phone call.










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