The luxury elopement experience by Rochelle Cheever is a boutique design and photography studio based in San Diego, California and Rome, Italy.


Luxury Elopement Weddings

Today I’ll be sharing with how to get started to plan your luxury elopement wedding and help you started putting it all together.

If you’ve already started planning your luxury elopement wedding, you know that you’ll have to solve a variety of problems. You may not know where to elope or how to do it. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make, and you don’t know where to start. You’ll need to choose a look for your luxury elopement wedding, a style that reflects your tastes, and a location that’s perfect for the time of year and your guest list. You’ll need to put together an elopement wedding team—flowers, officiant, make-up artist. You’ll need to find the right dress, and maybe a caterer or restaurant.

Luxury Elopement Wedding Getting Started



I’ve spent more than a decade helping couples plan elopements and intimate weddings, people who love the good things in life—good food, travel. art and culture. They love being alone together, and, pandemic or not, they’re not up for a big wedding. But an intimate wedding can be just as luxurious, unique, and memorable if it’s done right.

Luxury elopement wedding

Some of the most exquisite wedding locations are in California, from Lake Tahoe to the mountains, the beaches, to dramatic desert landscapes. Mexico is just over the border, with its colorful culture and gorgeous coastline. And Hawaii is a wedding paradise. For those planning ahead, Europe still offers the potential for a fantasy elopement. Places like Santorini, Tuscany, the South of France and Rome offer a mix of historic architecture and spectacular landscapes. I’ve designed and photographed elopement weddings in all those places. I hold both US and Italian passports, and I’ve spent most of my life in Italy, unearthing the most beautiful wedding locations.

Luxury Elopement Weddings

Before I begin to work with a couple for their luxury elopement wedding, I take time to really get to know them, to understand their individual aesthetics, their tastes, and their dreams. I want each elopement experience to be perfect, and individually crafted reflection of the couple, and their love story.

I scout the location days before I begin shooting, finding the perfect backdrops, and the most enchanting light. I bring my training and background as a painter to my work, using analog film to create fine art photographs capturing the most precious moments in a couple’s lives. I work with each couple, helping them define a style for their elopement wedding, from finding the location to theme and color scheme to putting together the right team.

I offer full services as well as virtual consultations, and for those who need to do it all themselves, I’ve written a handbook, The Elopement Experience, and developed an online course, and a YouTube channel.









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