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Here are 9 honeymoon photo ideas that can also be used on your anniversary or even your next vacation.  You want to preserve precious images of your honeymoon or a romantic getaway and it’s always a good idea to hire a professional photographer. On the other hand, you may also want to capture those unexpected everyday moments so you can keep your memories alive. These are some of my professional tips and tricks to help you get the most from your own snapshots.Honeymoon Photos

1.  Best light for your honeymoon photos

The best light for photos is early morning and late afternoon. Avoid the midday sun, which is too harsh, and results in too much contrast. During midday, restrict your photos to shady places, or shoot your pictures indoors. Window light is great.

Honeymoon Photo Ideas

2. Avoid Flash!

Flash blows out all the details, ruins colors, and is terribly unflattering.

3.  Gear

Use your smartphone or digital camera, whatever makes you comfortable. Personally, I’m a Nikon girl, but there are tons of great cameras out there, too many to list here. And by the way, a camera makes a great wedding gift. If it’s a new camera or one you’ve borrowed, make sure to read the manual, and practice before your wedding, so you won’t waste time or miss great shots by learning on the job.

  • If you use a smartphone
  • Keep it in portrait mode.
  • Make sure you clean the lens.
  • Keep the camera straight. Don’t tilt the phone when shooting portraits or close-ups.
  • Use the rule of thirds (link to what the rule of thirds is)
  • Make sure you have your device has enough memory.
  • Back up your images on a computer or hard drive
  •  Use a wide-angle lens for landscapes to capture more of the location. (Attachable lenses are available for smartphones.)

4. Change Perspectives

Imagine the scene you want to shoot from a bird’s eye view and a worm’s eye view. See it from above and below.

5. Candid Shots

Some of the best shots are not posed. People who know they’re being photographed often freeze and look unnatural. Be ready to capture a fleeting moment.

Honeymoon Photo Ideas

6. Timer

Most cameras have timers. The iPhone, for instance, has a ten-second timer, so you can step back and get into the shot. Learn how to use timer on your device so that you can take photos of both of you. Ideally, you will have a small, foldable tripod, so you can set up a scene.

7. Doing Things

Shot yourselves at a table sipping champagne, or at café enjoying a cappuccino. By photographing yourselves in action, you’ll set the scene, and bring back happy memories. Avoid looking straight at the camera. You don’t want that cheesy “smile” look. Try to incorporate a few different backdrops to show where you are. It’s great if you have a 35mm wide angles lens so that you are incorporated into the scene, especially if you are in an exotic location.

Honeymoon Photo Ideas

8. Photograph The Environment

You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to visit a fabulous location. Don’t forget to capture it. Take photos of the culture, the scene, the food, beaches and markets.

9. Research Your Location

Use Google maps, Pinterest, Instagram before you go, to discover the best backdrops for your honeymoon photos. When you get there, take a walk and find new places. Photograph spots that mean something to you both. Capture memories, not just places.








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