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Amalfi Coast Elopement in Positano

Amalfi Coast Elopement in Positano

Jay and Stephanie wanted to elope in Italy ideally somewhere romantic with stunning views. So it’s no surprise that they chose to have an Amalfi Coast elopement in Positano.

After choosing a theme for their Positano intimate wedding (Modern Minimalist Elopement Theme), we then scouted the ideal venue where they could stay and also have their ceremony. Of course, with a beautiful backdrop of the seaside village along the Amalfi Coast.

After their ceremony, we went around Positano for some newlywed photographs and then hopped in a private car and toured the Amalfi Coast stopping at strategic places for more photographs.

And to end the day, they had an exclusive dinner on a private dinner with a Michelin-starred chef. They had a delightful Italian cooking experience as the chef prepared everything in front of them. They had traditional dishes from the region which is famous for fish. From Ravioli to Spaghetti alle vongole, grilled fish, and ended with a Millefoglie made fresh.

We got there early to for a sunset toast with a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast.

How to Plan an Amalfi Coast Elopement in Positano:

We’ve put together everything you need to know about eloping in Positano. The Italian culture is rich and different. And every region in Italy is different. That is one of the beauties of Italy.

We believe it is nice to incorporate your destination’s culture to have a better elopement experience.  Stephanie had already been to Positano another time and she said when you got married, it would be in Positano.

Both Stephanie and Jay are foodies and they really wanted to have a special elopement dinner. To have a perfect elopement experience, it is important to choose a place you love and resonate with. Then when planning your day to include things you love to do as a couple. I go more into detail with this in my book “The Elopement Experience.”








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