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Ravello Elopement at Villa Cimbrone

Ravello Elopement at Villa Cimbrone

If you’re looking to have a romantic intimate wedding somewhere ultra special and unique, I would highly consider a Ravello Elopement at Villa Cimbrone along the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Villa Cimbrone is in Ravello, also known as the jewel of the Amalfi Coast. It’s 10-15 minutes from the center of town. There are no cars in Ravello which makes it even more romantic. Villa Cimbrone is one of my favorite places for an Idyllic intimate wedding in Italy.

The Villa’s gardens are spectacular.  You have the rose garden, beautiful statues, majestic Mediterranean Pine trees, the tea garden, and the incredible infinity terrace with the best view of the Amalfi Coast.

Villa Cimbrone dates back to the 12 Century and was supposedly built on the ruins of a Roman Villa. Then in the 1900s, it became a private home and now it has been converted into a small luxury hotel.

Steven and Renata eloped from New York and they had their ceremony in the Villa’s Crypt. They then ventured around Villa Cimbrone’s gardens for some newlywed photographs returning for an intimate dinner for two.

You can watch this video for more in-depth information for another Ravello elopement at Villa Cimbrone .








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