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Luna & Honey

A Surfer-Couple in San Diego, California

published on Luna & Honey Magazine

California-based destination wedding photographer, Rochelle Cheever, was tasked with capturing Kristen, a stunning model, actress and former Miss California contestant, and the love of her life, and very photogenic professional surfer, Torrey, in the ultimate Cali-cool couple shoot. This shoot was meant to tell their love story and capture them in a way that honoured their free-spirited, joyous love.

Kristen’s Story…

Torrey and I have been together for seven years. We had crossed each other’s paths on several occasions without even knowing it until we met years down the line. We both happened to attend a charity event and we even discovered he was standing in the background of a family portrait I so happened to take! We only discovered through pictures much later. I met Torrey through a mutual friend and that night will forever remain in my memory. I remember swimming and everyone forgot a towel, except for Torrey. He came over and wrapped me up and gave me the sweetest hug. Later he gave me a ride home and was a true gentleman, opening the doors and all! He even walked me to my front door of my home. It was clear to me that he was very different from most guys. On our first date, he taught me how to surf, we went tandem on the board. I loved it. The sun was setting and we were gazing into each other’s eyes. It was the prime time for the first kiss, BUT, we both chickened out, haha! Funniest part is that five months into dating, I found out he was a professional surfer, I had always just assumed he was a beach bum. Torrey is one of the kindest, loving, most beautiful soul humans I have ever met in my life. He gives to others when he has things to give and when he has nothing. He never thinks of himself. And most important he is truly content with who he is.


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