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If you’ve ever thought about throwing away your city life for some country living, we are here to tell you that Hawai‘i is a pretty idyllic place to do it. Year-round gorgeous weather, stunning scenery, a healthy lifestyle…we have it all. The North Shore of Kaua‘i, in particular, has become a very popular choice due to its small communities, beautiful beaches, and laid-back lifestyle. Many celebrities have been making it their home in recent decades, too, for the privacy and unparalleled beauty it provides.

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Marla on one of the iconic Hanalei Organic farm bridges. Photo Credit: Rochelle Cheever

One Kaua‘i family has not only made their country living dream a reality, but they’ve turned their land purchase into a family business. Pretty enterprising right?  Well, with no big city to provide jobs, many Hawai‘i residents decide to forge ahead with their clever business ideas, doing what many of us only dream of accomplishing.

Kaua‘i-born sisters Marla, Maile, and Summer have turned their parents’ farm into just such a family business. Marla lent her considerable creative talents and passion for wellness, combined with the real estate and retail expertise of her sisters to form Hanalei Organic. Together, they’ve turned their slice of Kaua‘i real estate and the bounty of their family’s 20-acre organic farm into a line of healthy, organic food products that are made with no preservatives or added sugars.

Fundraising with Hanalei Organic

You can purchase their products online and at shops across Kaua‘i. Alternatively, schools and organizations can now organize fundraisers using their treats; by selling them and receiving 50% of the proceeds. Hanalei Organic has just finished a fundraising effort with a local outrigger canoe team to finance their race through the Pailolo Channel, between Maui and Moloka‘i. In just one week, four paddlers raised over $1,100 to help fund their trip. They also won first place in the unlimited mixed open of the 2017 Pailolo Challenge!

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