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Belle Lumiere | Provence Destination Wedding Photography

Lavender Fields Forever
I was born in a small village into the smells of thyme and rosemary. Since my childhood I have loved the nature Provence encompasses. The landscape here is bordered by vast lavender and olive fields…and,  in every corner you can find the smells of cherry trees and summer evenings.
With my French Market basket in hand, I took a stroll through the lavender garden behind the Abbey. Rays of sunlight peered through the field. I sat and enjoyed the array of local French foods I packed from the market.
Being a Christian from birth, I feel blessed to spend my days at such a magical Abbey. I find my sense of peace when I linger the spiritual grounds. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in the South of France. The seemingly eternal sunshine beams over my quaint town. The song of cicadas pace my days and I could not imagine myself living anywhere else…but here.
Notre-Dame de Senanque Abbey is located in a beautiful valley of Provence, France. During the summer months, lavender fields extend as far as the doors of the Romanesque Abbey. ” – Johanna


Hairdresser: Anne Simonin Coiffure
Hair accessories: L’atelier des dames
Makeup Artist: Laurie Hadji from Art Atelier
Nail artist: Patricia Pandraud
Dress: Suncoo Paris








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