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Wildling Magazine | San Diego California Family Portrait Photography

San Diego California family portrait photography. Born into a traditional family in Rome, Italy, I had never imagined that I would eventually be starting my own life in America.

I met my finance, Christopher at a young age. We happened to be neighbors in Italy so we spent most of our years growing up together. Our Fathers went we childhood friends  We came to San Diego hand in hand to open up our first Italian Pizzeria called Napizza in two-thousand and twelve. To follow, we had our first born boy, Giulio and within the next year we had our second boy, Claudio. All these wonderful milestones for our family has really solidified us as one. It sure has been a journey filled with life’s twists and turns, but every second has been worthwhile. 

Being a working Mommy, running three restaurants, and raising two children has been a real testament to finding balance. Bonding with my two boys has always been at the highest priority in my life. Everyday I take a bath with my youngest son, Claudio, who is seven months old. As previous experience with my eldest I have found this to be the most intimate moment for us throughout our day. In this time I seek to really cut out the outside world to just be one on one with my little one. If anything, it encourages me to embrace the present moment.

Our ritual begins when I get Claudio all snuggled up in a soft blanket on the bed. With him is his favorite “peluche,” (teddy-bear) and our doggy (Shiva). 

He is invited by bubbles when he enters his warm bath tub with me, wiggling with happiness. I also infuse the water with lavender to soothe him. Claudio loves to splish & splash  playing with the water… he loves his tub-time!

Once he is all rinsed and squeaky clean, I gently massage coconut oil on his tender skin. On his bed, Claudio relaxes while I put on his PJs and cuddle him in my arms. In our rocking chair, I feed him as he drifts  into peaceful sleep. Life is really made up of these precious moments. 








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