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Getting Married in Greece

Getting married in Greece has all the romance and beauty a destination couple could ask for! Say “I do” at sunset on the cliffs of Santorini or wed among the ruins of Athens for a city chic big day abroad. Before you tie the knot in this fantastically diverse country, check out our tips to planning for your most perfect big day.

When to Wed in Greece

Greece, like most countries, has a rainy season, and since the beauty of your big day will likely be outside, consider a wedding in the late springtime when the weather isn’t too hot, the cities aren’t too full of tourists, and the rain will likely stay away. If you wed in summer, expect a scene in many places (in a good way), but by fall locales like Mykonos will be a quiet version of its celebratory self for those more intimate affairs.

How to Get There

If you plan to island hop, do it by sea. Flights aren’t as easy as you might expect between the smaller destinations, so consider a cruise instead. Set sail aboard Windstar Cruises on a luxury sailboat that sleeps just 148 guests and you’ll drop anchor in smaller ports along exotic routes and enjoy the romance of the sails rising at your embark on the next leg of your journey.

Where to Wed

For an intimate event, consider a private villa or buyout of a small property and getaway to Avaton Luxury Villas Resort overlooking the Athos Peninsula in Halkidiki. For a lavish hotel in the city, Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens has all the fanfare you need to dazzle your guests. If a quintessential Santorini setting is more your style, select a boutique property in Oia like the oh-so charming Santorini Secret Suites & Spa and be sure to opt-in

to the honeymoon suite when you arrive. Greece has so many unique destinations that you can host a beach wedding, a mountaintop ceremony, a city- chic event, or a countryside “I do”– it’s all up to you!

What not to Miss

Sunsets in Santorini, the beaches of Mykonos, the ruins of Athens and the shopping – everywhere!

How to Honeymoon

Getting married in Greece is an unforgettable trip-of-a-lifetime experience, and so is your honeymoon! To really experience all the country has to offer, a cruise honeymoon can’t be beat. Book a few extra days before and after your week at sea to experience a destination or two in greater depth, and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Deciding to get married or honeymoon in Greece means magical sunsets, beautiful beaches, exotic foods, fabulous shopping, picturesque backdrops, ancient history and modern romance all rolled into one amazing adventure together!

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