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The Knot: How He Asked

{Destination Engagement Photography} An adorable surprise proposal and engagement captured in Positano, Italy.

how we met

Hayley and I went to college together at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. We shared a close friend for four years but somehow had only met once or twice. The last semester of our senior year of college, we went on a date and we were attached at the hip from there on out. Neither one of us was looking for something serious because we knew we were graduating. But we later found out we had both been planning to move to Los Angeles after college, so we decided to give things a go! We did the cross-country drive to L.A. together, and since then we’ve lived in Redondo Beach, back to Iowa briefly, and now New York where we live currently. We’ve been through so much together, having begun our relationship as broke, fresh-of- college kids navigating new cities and new jobs, to where we are now. We’ve gotten a chance to grow up together and to travel together. I can’t wait to continue to do both forever!

how he asked

While I had the idea brewing for about a year or so, I started legitimately planning the proposal about six months before it actually happened. The result: She got up to get ready for work one Friday morning and found the note I had left her. It said, “Guess what?? You don’t have to go to work today! We’re going on a vacation and you have two hours to pack.” I left the destination a surprise and just gave her a weather forecast for the week. She kept trying to tell me, “No, no, I have to go to work,” and I finally told her I had already asked her boss for time off. (I found her boss on Instagram and reached out to her before I ever bought the flights.)


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