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Travel Channel | 8 Apps & Tools for Planning Your Destination Wedding

Planning your wedding should be fun, but keeping up with all the details can be incredibly stressful. Let a professional wedding planner handle the work, or try these useful apps and tools to stay on top of things, especially when you’re on the go.

Not sure where to start? LadyMarry is a free app that leads couples through the planning process step-by-step. Create an online account, or download the app for your iOS or Android device. Then use it to make customized checklists and organize them by categories. You can also generate timelines with due dates, so you don’t lose track of when you need to complete each task, such as sending a final headcount to the caterer or ordering your cake. LadyMarry also lets you search for local vendors and displays their prices, so it’s easier to comparison-shop. Work at your own pace while your vendors, partner, wedding attendants and family members collaborate with you. You’ll also find helpful articles with tips and tricks in this app.

WeddingMix originated as a company that made custom videos from old-fashioned film reels, slides, videos and photos. Today, this website and its companion app let couples, their friends and families capture all kinds of memorable moments, from first dates to honeymoon trips, as images and videos. WeddingMix experts then turn the images and clips into a production-quality video that can be stored in a cloud, so it’s sharable.

Although WeddingMix prices vary, it can be more budget-friendly than booking most professional videographers. Choose an app-only package or a camera package that willl deliver HD cameras to your doorstep before the big day. After you’ve used them to record the scenes you want, just mail back the cameras, using a prepaid shipping label. When the video is ready, you’ll get to preview it, and once you’ve given your approval, WeddingMix editors will do the rest. You can opt to download your finished video or receive it on a full-color disk.








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