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Destination Wedding Photography Lake Como Italy

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B&H Photo | A Guide to Destination Weddings

It’s a big world out there, with no shortage of couples seeking to tie the knot. Yet more and more weddings are being held in appealing travel destinations, rather than local venues or formal church settings. From the warm breezes of a Caribbean island, to the majesty of a luxury estate, to the freshness of the great outdoors, and beyond—the destination wedding is a growing trend.

But what does this mean for the wedding photographer, and how does this change in setting affect a photographer’s process? The following insights from destination wedding shooters Javon Longieliere, Donna Von Bruening, Brian Leahy, and Rochelle Cheever are intended to lend some clarity to this exciting, yet multifaceted, wedding niche.

The Rise of the Destination Wedding
Javon Longieliere, author of the forthcoming book Destination Weddings: The Photographer’s Guide to Shooting in Exotic and Unexpected Locations, attributes the growing popularity of destination weddings to these advantages: freedom, availability, and cost.

Planning and Logistics for a Destination Wedding Shoot
As a dual citizen of America and Italy, and with bases in both countries, Cheever has traveled extensively, a huge advantage in planning for destination wedding work. She advises, “If you don’t know the location, it’s best to arrive at least two or three days in advance to study the area and be familiar with the settings, the light, and the space. That way, you’re prepared on the day of the wedding.”








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