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Los Angeles - Houdini Estate

A Romantic Los Angeles Elopement

Where to elope in Los Angeles, California? Southern California has so many places for a perfect elopement or intimate wedding.  In this post, I’m going to share with you some ideas for a Los Angeles elopement.

As a photographer and designer specialized in Elopements, I’ve photographed in so many different environments across the globe, and I find Los Angeles to be a perfect place to elope.

Los Angeles is unique and has a strong culture to itself compared to the rest of Southern California. You have forests, beaches, mountains and canyons and also many fantastic city venues to choose from for your elopement. 

Do you want a Beach Elopement? The Pacific Coast and has so many places to choose from. 

A few beaches you can consider are Malibu or Santa Monica? You can even rent out a Venice Beach or Santa Monica Bungalow.

You can start your day getting ready and end with a romantic stroll on the beach as newly-weds.

Do you want an Urban Elopement? How about Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles or West Hollywood. There are so many gorgeous areas and streets that have stunning backdrops. You have botanical gardens, architectural landmarks, luxury resorts all easily accessible. 

How about staying at the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and have your ceremony on one of their lawns, then have a candlelight dinner for two.

You also have endless choices of Airbnbs to choose from all over the city!

If you want to have a small intimate wedding and invite some guests, there so many venues to choose from. Like this intimate wedding at the Houdini Estate.

Los Angeles - Houdini Estate

Yes, you can have a custom-designed luxury elopement that is stress-free and, in the end, even saves money compared to a traditional wedding. 

Another beauty of elopements is that couples can enjoy a relaxed - timeline, unlike a traditional wedding.

If you love Spring-like weather and sunshine, you’ll enjoy So-Cal’s famous sunshine weather throughout the year.

Share your dream destination elopement vision with us, and we will create a customized, unique experience for you.

We love all of Southern California elopements, especially Los Angeles. 

Below I’m sharing a few highlights of this gorgeous duo’s elopement wedding in Los Angeles. They had a romantic themed intimate wedding at the Houdini Estate, where the whole day evolved in the stunning venue. Everything was about romance, and the bride seemed to walk out of Botticelli’s painting “The Allegory of Spring.” 

Share your dream destination elopement vision with us, and we will create a customized unique experience for you. CTA.

I love elopements, and  Southern California offers so many gorgeous places to elope. Los Angeles is a perfect place to elope, especially for a boho-chic, romantic couple. Below are some ideas for a romantic-themed Los Angeles Elopement.

Los Angeles Elopement
Los Angeles Elopement
Los Angeles Elopement
Los Angeles Elopement
Los Angeles Elopement
Los Angeles Elopement

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