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How to write your elopement wedding vows

How To Write Your Elopement Wedding Vows – 5 Step Guide

Writing your own wedding vows for your elopement can be an intimidating task, especially if you’re not a professional writer. I completely understand! I’m not a writer myself – yet, I’ve published 2 books. In this post, I’m going to share with you 5 tips on how to write your elopement wedding vows. 

The first thing I would like to note is that they don’t have to be perfect.

The most important thing that matters is for the words to come from your heart, making your wedding vows intimate and precious. 

That’s what elopement weddings are all about, right? 

Before we begin, if we haven’t met before, my name is Rochelle Cheever and I specialize in designing chic and stylish elopements in some of the world’s most romantic places. 

So without further ado, here is my 5 step guide to writing vows for your elopement wedding.

1. Draft a list

Start by collecting little fragments – words that would describe your partner. 


Anything you can think of may grow into something more concrete.

Think about your first impression, what is typical about your partner’s personality.

Whatever comes to your mind at this point jot it down. 

Simply anything.

If you want more structure, then write a list of 50 ideas you could include. 

Write down everything without editing at this stage.

Once you have your list, step back even for a few days as you don’t want to rush the process. 

Words will pop up when you least expect them so keep a piece of paper with you or create a note on your phone and work on that list for several days.

How to write your elopement wedding vows


Now it is time to elaborate on your 1st draft.

Reflect on your relationship and let your heart guide you. 

Focus on the good, think of how much you have grown together in difficult situations, of the achievements, of your support, of your journeys and travels, of all the memories, how you met, when you fell in love and your engagement/

Wedding vows are meant to be personal and emotional, so don’t be afraid to unleash your emotions and write whatever comes to mind. 

Don’t worry about the structure, the main point in this step is to embody your connection.

How to write your elopement wedding vows


As you’ve gathered your little word snippets regarding your emotions, story, and connection; the next step is to create a rough structure. 

Begin by talking about the past – when, and how your partner changed your life. 

Then by addressing the present, for example, express gratitude or talk about how much you have grown together. 

The third step is making your promises and focusing on the future.

how to write your elopement wedding vows4. YOUR UNIQUE STORY

In between, try to include a story about both of you that had a great impact or maybe even fun or humorous event. 

As long as it describes your unique personality and your one-of-a-kind journey, it will be perfect! 

Writing your elopement vows is all about personalizing the whole experience, and this will complement it wonderfully.

how to write your elopement wedding vows


This is just one chapter in your book of life that can go only towards the future, so make sure to share your hopes for your marriage. 

Are there dreams that you both share? 


Travel destinations you would love to visit together as a married couple? 


Starting a family? 

Tap into your vision and extract it onto the paper. 

No matter how weird it feels to be open and vulnerable when writing your wedding vows, precisely that heartfelt piece of paper will set the pillars of your future.

I hope that this guide helps you write your elopement wedding vows seamlessly! 

My final tip would be to practice your wedding vows in front of the mirror in solitude. 

That way you will gain more confidence for the day of your elopement wedding.

How to write your elopement wedding vows









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