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Elope to Capri, Italy



Elope to Capri? Yes, please! Let me show you how to plan  an elopement on this magical Mediterranean Island. 

This Mediterranean gem has been a popular destination since it was discovered by the Roman emperors more than 2000 years ago. In the first century AD, Emperor Tiberius built a dozen villas on the island as his imperial getaway from the chaos of Rome.

The mountains that descend to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the mystical grottos, archeological sites and ancient villas — not to mention the wonderful restaurants and charming open-air cafés with panoramic views — have earned Capri its status as one of the most romantic places on earth.

Throughout the ages it has attracted artists, writers, the wealthy and the celebrated. The island is a favorite playground of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Giorgio Armani, Sofia Loren, Mariah Carey, and many others who could afford to go anywhere, but choose to vacation on Capri.

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Elope to Capri, Italy


It's one of my favorite places for elopements, destination weddings and romantic getaways, because it ticks all my boxes. It’s rich with art, culture, cuisine, endlessly romantic, breathtakingly beautiful and a lot of fun. Capri takes you away from it all —  isn't that the point of eloping?

I highly suggest extending your stay for your honeymoon, as well. Capri and the surrounding area offer all sorts of entertainments and gorgeous places to explore. Personally, I believe that the best way to travel is to stay in one amazing spot and get to know it really well.

The most romantic way to get there is by aliscafo, a hydrofoil from Naples. You can enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean on your way, and you’ll arrive in less than an hour.

Elope to Capri, Italy - Hotel Augustus

How to get around Capri:

Capri is meant to walked. There are no cars in the old city, so make sure you bring comfy shoes. And you’ll wander. The mountains beckon, with unforgettable views from the heights. The ancient streets demand to be explored. And you’ll want to investigate the island’s marvelous beaches. 

Funiculare - from Marina Grande to Capri.
When you arrive at the main harbor, the cable car, will take uphill to the town of Capri.
Taxi – If you are on your way to the town of Anacapri, you might want to take a taxi, but island cab rates can be pricey.

Bus – Or you can opt for the buses you’ll find at the harbor.

Boat – You can get a wonderful overview of the island by circling it on a boat. Boats can be chartered, or you can sign up for a tour.


When to Elope to Capri

April to early June – Spring flowers are in full bloom. The weather is warm and breezy, and you can avoid the hordes of tourists who flood the island in summer.

September to November — The days are still bright and sunny, and you can enjoy off season prices, as well as the tranquility of less crowded streets and beaches.

Avoid the high season, late June through early September, when prices are higher, and the island is (SUPER) crowded.

Elope to Capri, Italy - Hotel Augustus

What to Eat

Local specialties include produce grown on the island (Capri tomatoes are especially sweet and juicy) and delicious seafood, caught fresh in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Look for the gigantic lemons that are only native to the Amalfi coast and off-shore islands. And don’t forget to pick up a bottle of locally made limoncello, a syrupy alcoholic beverage meant to be drunk ice cold.

Elope to Capri, Italy

Typical Regional Dishes 

  • Caprese (tomato & mozzarella salad)
  • Torta Caprese (local chocolate cake)
  • Limoncello
  • Zuppa di pesce (fish stew)
  • Spaghetti alle Vongole (spaghetti with clams)
Elope to Capri, Italy - Blue Grotto

Romantic restaurants for your table for two candlelight dinner

Capri is filled with great restaurant options. These are just three of my favorites.
Il Riccio – Next to the legendary Blue Grotto, with panoramic beach views. End your meal in the Tempatation Room, filled with every imaginable dessert. Michelin-starred home of Chef Andrea Migliaccio.

Monzù – Book a table on the terrace to watch sunset over the Bay of Marina Piccola, and enjoy local specialties, perfect pastas and fresh fish with an excellent wine list.

Il Geranio — Above the sea with amazing views of the iconic Faraglioni rocks and the Gardens of Augustus. Perfect for a terrace dinner with the freshest seafood.

Elope to Capri, Italy

Favorite places for your ceremony

There are so many places to exchange your vows around the island, from stunning natural backdrops to charming churches. These are a few my favorites, but the list goes on.

  • Gardens of Augustus
  • Hotel San Michele
  • Belvedere di Punta Tragara
  • Villa Domecuta (remains of one of Emperor's Tiberio's villas)
ELOPE TO CAPRI Gardens of Augustus

What to do on your big day

These are great for wedding portraits or honeymoon excursions. Capri offers myriad options. This is just a sample of my favorites. It really depends on the time of year, day of the week and time of day.

  • La Certosa (an ancient monastery)
  • Hike up to see Villa Jovis (the remains of the villa built by Emperor Augustus)
  • Boat tour to Positano or Amalfi
  • Sunset aperitivo at Il Faro
  • Chair lift to Mount Solaro

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