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A Journey Through Provence

There’s something lyrical about South of France that makes it too beautiful a wedding venue to pass up. Provence, in particular, is a charming place for couples, making it a top choice for wedding destinations and honeymoons. An idyllic location for beautiful photography. It emanates a romantic allure distinctly its own.

I personally witnessed its beauty last July, when I went to Provence to photograph several photoshoots and to study the place. Provence is notorious for its endless herbal landscapes: there are rolling fields of lavender, stretching patches of sunflowers alongside, and sturdy groves of olive trees. Truly, the place looks like it leaped out of a fairytale. What really highlights the experience, though, is the perfumed air, the bees dancing around, and the soft earth underneath the feet. These things gently cradle the senses, slowing down the seconds as you take a stroll.

To top it all off, the delicate scenery is blanketed by clear azul blue skies and beautiful, natural light. It’s like the sun is different in Provence. Just how the lighting has inspired so many pieces of art, it also lends an effortless glow to wedding portraits.

Beyond its potential for quality wedding photos, Provence offers so much more to spruce up your destination wedding and romantic vacations. For one, there is the food. Southern French cuisine is inherently fresh, organic, and elegant. Often dominated by Mediterranean flavors, each dish immerses you into a rich heritage of French culture and tradition.

There are also the villages are outlined by stone houses and old monasteries. It’s an architecture style reminiscent of an older, simpler time. Open-air markets offer a variety of local baskets for takeaways. The people also heavily characterize Provence: they’re a tight-knit community and are warm towards visitors.

Provence is a place that is too easy to fall in love with, and too difficult to forget. And if you wish to have a French elopement or intimate wedding with a charming rustic flair, this is the best place to be. I’d love to discuss your vision of a Provençal wedding and create your ideal photographic journey and for a Provence destination wedding photography.








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