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Joshua Tree, California

Surreal & Unplugged: The California Desert

Reputed for its fine and warm weather, its breathtaking, open spaces, and its laidback vibe, Southern California has a lot to offer as a wedding destination. A particularly unique choice for rustic and bohemian wedding or elopement photography. The Joshua Tree National Park.

Covering the Colorado and Mojave deserts, The Joshua Tree National Park is nature sprawling in all its undone beauty. In essence, it is a desert characterized by the vast wilderness, tall rock formations, and of course, prickly plants. The Joshua Tree National Park doesn’t have the extravagance or the romance of other popular wedding destinations. Instead, it stands as an alternative wedding venue for couples who want to escape the overwhelming hustle and bustle of it all.

It’s exactly what makes the Joshua Tree National Park a perfect destination for elopement weddings. The place gives off a sense of privacy and solemnity. Right here, it’s easier to relax and focus on each other and celebrate your togetherness as a couple.

For Southern California-inspired wedding photography, the spiky Joshua Trees can beautifully frame wedding portraits. The rock formations also lend depth to photos. Couples who want a nature- or bohemian-themed wedding would definitely appreciate the clear light and barren pathways. It’s most ideal to shoot during the golden hour, when the sun bathes everything in an orange glow and magically lights up wedding and engagement photos. At night, the sky above Joshua Tree National Park is sprinkled with constellations.

The park is a two-hour drive from San Diego, California, and is best visited during spring or late fall. If you’re having your wedding here, know that you would be unplugged for the entirety of your stay. Which is great! You can easily hop to other vacation spots nearby to round off your honeymoon: the park is close to Palm Springs and Coachella Valley.

The Joshua Tree National Park is a wedding destination best for couples who want to elope or spend their big day with a handful of close family and friends. It’s a place for lovers as offbeat as its scenery. And when you’re having a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, it’s always nice to have photos to keep and look back to. I’d be happy to help design your wedding and create the beautiful photographs for you.

From engagement shoots to event photography coverage, I’ll bring life to your wedding portraits. Get in touch with me and tell me about your ideas. I’ll help you expand on them and make them happen for you.








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