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Where to Elope?

Three things to fine tune where to elope.

You’re getting married and you’ve decided to elope. Congratulations! Now what? You have some decisions to make. When you elope? And where? What will be the mood or theme?

Before you do anything else, you ought to choose a date. Every other decision will depend on this first one. Where will you elope?

Where to Elope? Destination elopements - The Elopement Experience - Rome, Italy

Here are some tools to help you make a great decision.

  • When do you have time off or are available
  • How much time will you have
  • Do you have a budget
  • Can you combine your honeymoon with your elopement?
  • For example, if your only time is in August, you’ll consider avoiding places that are crowded with summer tourists, such as Rome, Santorini, New York and the Amalfi Coast.

Where to Elope? Destination elopements - The Elopement Experience - San Francisco, California

2. Where will get married?

  • What do you like to do together as a couple in your free time
  • Where did you meet?
  • Have you travelled before together
  • Each of you should write down three favorite places, either placed you’ve been or places on your bucket lists, then compare notes.
  • Search the Internet, Pinterest or Instagram for location ideas
  • Many venues offer wedding packages, which can sound practical, cost effective and easy, but everything is standard. You don’t want a cookie cutter elopement. This is one most important days in your life, a day you’ll never forget. Make it as personal as you can. Create your very own team of hairdresser, florist and so on You definitely want to book your own photographe
  • Look up the legalities (If you’re getting married in a foreign country.) More about that in a future post.

Where to Elope? Destination elopements - The Elopement Experience - Venice, Italy

3. What will be the mood or theme of your wedding?

  • To have a perfect Elopement Experience every detail should reflect your unique story as a couple. Now that you’ve chosen the time and place, you can start to fine tune your plans.
  • Choose a wedding theme that blends with the location you’ve chosen.
  • Are you city people? Do you want a chic Paris or Rome elopement? You might use films like April in Paris, or Roman Holiday to inspire your theme.
  • Are you beach people? Think of Southern California beaches, or an island theme in Kauai or Capri.
  • Are you an artist? Do you love Frieda Kahlo? Make the colors of Mexico part of your theme.

Where to Elope? Destination elopements - The Elopement Experience - Dubrovnik, Croatia

I’ve given you a good start on your elopement plan. Next up: How not to feel guilty about eloping.

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