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Vintage Lancia – Favorite car this season | Italy Wedding Photographer Blog

Anyone who knows a bit about me, knows that I LOVE cars. Especially Vintage ones. I was raised in a CAR- LOVING family.” My dad collected all sorts of cars from Porsches to Ferraris. I cherish memories when my Dad used to drive us around Rome in his “candy apple” red Ferrari on Sundays. We would drive to Via Veneto where his main office used to be. (He introduced the health club business to Italy).

Then, my brother Eddie Cheever was a Formula One driver and also won the indianapolis 500 in 1998. He was called “l’Americano di Roma” (the American from Rome). We used to all have go-karts. Eddie became the world champion and I became more interested in the Arts.

Well, being an artist, I love the aesthetics of Cars as I really don’t know a thing cars. But I love the feel, look & sound of nice cars. Especially around Rome and they are such a great photography prop.

So below is a car used in recent wedding here in Rome. It drove the couple to St. Peter’s Basilica where they married and then we went all through Rome & it was FUN! A definite favorite. The owner collects Vintage Cars and knows my brother well. He also has a gorgeous Vintage 500 Fiat. So any of you that are interested in using this car or another Vintage car for your photography session around Rome, let me know as we he created some special rental packages for my clients.








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