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Epic Tuscany Wedding in San Galgano Abbey, Siena | Part 2

Part 2 of Travis+Jaclyn’s wedding in the Abbazia of San Galgano, Siena

Click here to view Part 1

bridal outside San Galgano Abbey


newly weds inside 10th Century San Galgano Abbey


bridals inside San Galgano Abbey


gorgeous bridals in Tuscany


newly weds inside San Galgano abbey


intimate newly weds inside San Galgano abbey


walking down the aisle of San Galgano Abbey


bridals at the stunning San Galgano alter


bridals at San Galgano's abbey


Tuscany bridal bouquet


bridal bouquet in Tuscany


bridals in Tuscany


i sposi - San Galgano Abbey


the groom in Tuscany


bridals in Siena, Tuscany


bridals in Tuscany


il Bacio in Tuscany - newly weds


newly weds inside the mystical San Galgano Abbazia


bride leaning against Tuscany red-brick 15 century brick


more bridals with relic architecture backgrounds


newly wed shadows on 15 century brick


la familia photograph in Siena Tuscany


newly weds in Siena Tuscany


newly wed kissing shadows in Tuscany


bride & groom with San Galgano backdrop


family group photograph with San Galgano


more bridals in Tuscany


family san galgano photo


stunning brickwork with family in Tuscany


sunset light & family photo in Tuscany


newly weds at tiny red 10th Century chapel in Tuscany


family San Galgano Tuscany


la familia in Tuscany


Gorgeous shot at San Galgano entrance


newly weds in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany



bridals in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany


newly weds strolling in a quaint medieval town in Tuscany


newly weds in Siena, Tuscany


newly weds leaning on 10th century doors in Tuscany


il bacio in Tuscany


newly weds playing at an ancient well in Tuscany


flirting at a Tuscany Well


i sposini in Tuscany Pienza


newly weds in Pienza, Tuscany


a few Tuscany bridals


Tuscany bridal


walking through a medieval town


Part 3 | Epic Tuscany Wedding with reception at La Foce








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