The luxury elopement experience by Rochelle Cheever is a boutique design and photography studio based in San Diego, California and Rome, Italy.


Your Own Love Story

If you and your partner have always dreamed of whisking yourselves away to say ‘I do’ in the most imitate and authentic setting, then you’ve landed in the right place.

The Elopement Experience is your step-by-step guide to help you plan, prepare and most importantly, pull-off a seamless and stress free elopement wedding.

Divided into 9 key chapters, this Book is brimming with tips, expert advice, couple case studies and stunning imagery
to keep you inspired, motivated and on-track every step of the way.

In this book you will learn...

If eloping is the right choice for you.

The different wedding ceremony options.

Whether you should DIY the day or hire a planner.

The top 10 destinations for eloping and why.

How to create inspirational mood boards.

How to plan the perfect timeline.

Eloping etiquette and what to pack.




Chapter One: Should you elope?

Not sure if you should elope or stick to a traditional wedding? Every couple is different, and every elopement is unique, which is why we’ve created the Elopement Questionnaire to help you fine tune your decision.


Chapter Two: Different types of ceremonies

Civil, Religious, Symbolic, oh my! The ceremony choice can be a tough one, so we’ve made it easy for you by breaking down the benefits, legalities and rituals for each, so you can say ‘yes’ in the way that resonates with you best.


Chapter Three:  DIY or wedding planner?

We’ve seen all kinds of brides, from the ones who like DIY everything to those that prefer to delegate. We take you through the benefits of both and provide case studies to show you how other couples managed the planning process for their destination wedding.


Chapter Four: Where to elope?

Whether your vibe is boho beach, Tuscan vineyard or majestic mountain top, there’s a wedding location out there that’s perfect for you and your partner. We give you our top destination locations to help you agree on a place that is significant and meaningful to the both of you.


Chapter Five: When to elope?

Choosing your wedding date wisely is key if you are wanting to avoid tourist seasons, higher prices or awful weather conditions. We’ll give you a complete breakdown of the best months to book in your big day for some of the most desirable locations.


Chapter Six: Create an inspirational image board

Do you want your day to be romantic, adventurous or playful? Whatever mood you are after, an inspirational image board can help you bring to life and visualse your dream wedding and help guide your wedding planner in the right direction.


Chapter Seven: The perfect elopement timeline

When it comes to eloping, planning is key. You’ll want to make sure you have everything organised for the big day, so you and your partner can focus on each other. We give you an hour-by-hour plan for everything from getting ready, to the ceremony timing to planning out the photography sessions.


Chapter Eight: The etiquette of eloping

One of the hardest parts of eloping, is deciding if you want to make it just you and your partner, or if you want to invite family and friends. While there is no wrong or right way to answer this, we guide you through your options to help you navigate your path and plan your day with complete discretion.


Chapter Nine: What to pack for your elopement

You’re booked, planned and ready to go. Now what to pack? To ensure you don’t miss a thing, we’ve put together a comprehensive check-list to make sure you have everything packed from your call sheet to your contact lenses.

Why this book is for you

The Elopement Experience is for any bride (or groom) who wants to create their dream wedding,
in the most intimate and personal way.

It is also perfect for those who feel pressure (either from family, cultural differences or finances) around their wedding day, and want to declare their love in an environment that is less stressful and more private. If you have been thinking of eloping, but don’t know where to start. This Book is a must-read and the perfect tool to help get you down the aisle in a way that is genuine to you.

Available in Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle editions

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Rochelle's guidance in choosing location, planner and venue made our dream come true.

She than did what she does best. She used her artistic creativity along with her knowledge of the region to capture the essence of who we are as a couple. 

Gloria + Rob

We quickly realized Rochelle was our number one must have/must do for our destination elopement in Rome.

She took the time to meet us, learn about each of us and hear our story. This is all part of her effort to retell our story in the most artistic, gorgeous way.

Benjamin + Christina

Rochelle helped us plan our entire itinerary, suggested talented wedding professionals, and guided us to breathtaking backdrops as we savored our first few moments as newlyweds.

Lindsay + Harsh


Building the most romantic, adventurous elopements and intimate weddings across the globe

For the past 15 years, I've specialized in building the most romantic, adventurous elopements and Intimate weddings across the globe. I’ve scouted out the most breathtaking places in the world for my couples and helped them make memories to last a lifetime. I love helping couples celebrate their love! 

I've also published three books, including The Elopement Experience™, which is a complete guide to designing a magical, intimate wedding.


Your burning questions, answered.

Our detailed questionnaire will help you answer that question and decide if eloping is the right choice for you and your partner. If you are looking for a stress-free, intimate way to say ‘I do’, then most likely elopement is right for you.

Elopement isn’t about ‘running away’ to get married, it is about tying the knot in a way that works for you. Whether you choose to invite 2 people or 25, we’ll guide you through the right elopement etiquette, so you can avoid offending or upsetting anyone along the way.

The world is your oyster! We do however give you an amazing list of some of the most breathtaking locations and venues to choose from. This eBook will not only help you narrow down your options, but also give you tips on finding your perfect planning team.

This depends on how simple or complex you want your big day to be. This eBook has been designed to equip you with all the tools and tips you need to create an unforgettable wedding experience, in a way that resonates best with you.

Available in Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle editions

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