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San Diego Portrait Photography

The Art of Non-Posing

The Fine Art Portrait
Part Three: The Art of Non-Posing
I am not a fan of Posing. I don’t even like the term “Posing” and I don’t think it’s fun for you either. I look for your authentic expressions and movements. Your unique body language. How you naturally walk, smile, sit.
Posing might have its role in fashion photography, but that is not a genre that intrigues me. I would be more interested photographing a fashion designer, in her element, designing. Doing her thing.
I prefer to incorporate some form of action and capture you in your “doing.” I might have you walk to a certain place, twirl, take off your hat, pick up your baby, hop on your surfboard. It depends. I like to think of things you normally would do. So the actions will vary from person to person. Most of the time, you won’t even know you’re having your photo taken. My objective is for you to have a fun experience. If you aren’t having fun, it will show. Photographs never lie.








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