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Rome Wedding “Burcu & Erdinc” via Istanbul, Turkey | Italy Wedding Photographer Blog

Burcu & Erdinc met three years ago at work in Instanbul. They started dating a year ago & Erdinc proposed last May. They are both in the field of marketing and have a lot in common. Both are very Elegant. They love to shop together (yes, Erdinc told me personally he loves to shop with Burcu & help choose her clothes for her). So Italy’s Dolce Vita, was a prefect Destination for their wedding.

Their wedding was quaint & romantic in Rome. They eloped to marry in the Turkish Embassy in Rome. Afterwhich we went around Rome to some of their favorite sites.

B&E finished their day with an intimate dinner for two at one of my favorite rooftop restaurants in Rome ” Mirabelle.” It not only has one of the best views of Rome but it also has been awarded a Michelin star.

Below are a few highlights of their intimate wedding in Rome. I loved Burcu’s veil & Erdinc champagne colored suit. Suave couple 😉








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