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Saying “YES…” on the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy | August’s proposal to Perri | via Colorado

Amazing love story. Amazing proposal… Dearest August, my hat goes out to you, BRAVO!

Here is the story…. one day, I receive this email from August:











In February 2004 a girl and I stood on the Spanish Steps. A young Italian gentleman approached us and asked me if I’d like to by a rose for my girlfriend. Although I thought the girl beautiful beyond belief she wasn’t my girlfriend and I got really awkward really fast. She sensed this awkwardness and told the young man that we were just siblings.

Several months later we both went to college and started dating. We’ve happily been together now for almost 7 years. On May 21nd I am going to surprise her by flying her to Rome and early in the afternoon on the 22nd I am going to take her back to the Spanish Steps. I am going to buy her that flower and ask her to marry me.




So we planned August’s proposal at the same place where they stood in 2004. Perri got her rose. And, yes,  she said “YES!”

It is all captured t can be seen below (it was so emotional to photograph, I got “choked up” making it difficult to focus especially as I was in my “paparazzi” mode at least in the beginning.. Lol!)

Big thank you to my friend Gabriella who played a key role as “the flower girl!”









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