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Rome Engagement Session | Kurt + Sarah | via Hong Kong

Rome pre-wedding | engagement sessions are extra special. I might be a bit biased as I do live here and know Rome like the inside of my pockets.
Kurt & Sarah met 1 1/2 years ago at a friend’s in Hong Kong. Together they are such lovely & fun couple!

Sarah had two amazingly beautiful gowns tailor made for her engagement. Both chiffon. They just flowed and I kept trying to place her up high wherever possible so her dress would catch the wind. Kurt & Sarah fitted perfectly together for their photography e-session in Rome.

Kurt is a natural comedian. So funny and always has a “prank” ready. And I kept falling for his pranks too. Once he tricked me making it seem as if he was going to fall on top of me… WHILE I HAD MY CAMERA IN MY HANDS. I think I almost died for a moment. He promised he would never do that again. Thank you Kurt 😉

Oh. And Kurt is loves to cook and cooks for Sarah. All. The. Time. Sarah, you are a lucky girl. A cook + funny = great combination for a husband. Kurt, you have chosen one of the most feminine girls I have met. Ever. Congrats to both.

They get married next summer in Hong Kong.

P.S. Thank you Sarah + Kurt for the delicious Pineapple cookies you brought all the way from Hong Kong. I savored each and every one of them and kept the gorgeous box!








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