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Confetti & Daydreams

Confetti & Daydreams | Rome Elopement Photography

Ah, it’s Friday. What better time to run away to Rome for a glamorous Italian elopement, inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s classic 1953 film, Roman Holiday? Captured by destination wedding photographer Rochelle Cheever,  who brought us this spectacularly elegant old world Italian elopement also shot in Rome, you know it’s going to be a screenful of loveliness!

Finnish couple Tarja and Heikki were inspired by the iconic film which tells the story of a runaway princess falling in love in the Eternal City.  Tarja and Heikki met in 1999 when Tarja enrolled into the same poetry club Heikki was in. Tarja suffered from stage fright and dread having to read her poems in front of the school. When the time came to recite her poems she nearly fainted. But in the end she and Heikki became good friends, then lovers, then parents, and now husband and wife.

Tarja shares that enrolling in the poetry club was the best decision ever. The couple chose to have their destination wedding in Rome after falling in love with the city during a vacation in 2012. Tarja comments that when deciding where to elope, it felt natural to get married in Rome.

Together with  photographer Rochelle Cheever, the couple took to the streets to recreate the romantic beauty of Roman Holiday. Dressed in a Tomy Mariage gown with red Minna Parikka shoes adding a pop of color, Tarja took on the role of Audrey Hepburn while Heikki played Gregory Peck in his Tiger of Sweden suit. The fun was complete with the bride touching up her lipstick in a car mirror and a Vespa ride around the Colosseum.

While a lot of the photos show Tarja sporting a glamorous, calm look, there are moments when you see Heikki had cracked a joke and gotten her to flash her beautiful smile. In fact, many photos seemed to have captured the couple mid-laugh, showcasing their joy and excitement about being proclaimed as husband and wife. The dynamic and free-spirited couple took to the Roman streets, having their own romantic adventure like Princess Ann and Joe Bradley.








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