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Positano Destination Wedding Elopement

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Published on Burnett’s Boards – Casey+Andrew’s Positano Wedding

{Positano Destination Wedding Elopement Photography} While researching locations for their upcoming “I do”, Cassandra + Andrew first set their sites on California. However, when they discovered that a destination wedding could be the same cost of what they might spend locally, they decided to host an intimate ceremony thousands of miles away from home in Positano. They wanted their wedding to be simple, yet classic to allow the beauty and magnificence of Positano to speak to for itself. This allowed them to design their wedding day to make it so personal and specific to who they are as a couple!

One of their favorite details was the wedding certificate that they had commissioned and designed together. It featured symbols of California on one side (her home state), Oregon on the other (his home state), Positano at the top, and their pup, Ella, at the bottom. It was all woven together in a circle by roses and poppies (OR and CA state flowers) and artfully represented their coming together as one. Each of their guests signed it as a sign of their love and support for their marriage. What a special piece to hang in their home as a constant reminder of the love they felt on their wedding day. The bride also designed a few banners, the programs, and the menus to help tie their vision together. View the full article here.











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