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Lake Como Destination Elopement Photography

Confetti Daydreams

Confetti Daydreams | Lake Como Destination Elopement Photography

Confetti Daydreams Publication

Mandy and John’s elegant Lake Como Italian elopement captured by Rochelle Cheever is the stuff that fairytales are made of! John lived in Rome while working for the Vatican many years ago, and Mandy had traveled throughout Italy several times. They both love the people, culture, food and beauty of Italy, so it was a simple decision. John had been to Lake Como when living in Italy, and told Mandy that it was the most beautiful place in the world. The decision was made, they were headed to Lake Como for their Italian Wedding!

As a professional event planner, and former wedding planner, Mandy didn’t want to get too wrapped up in planning a wedding: “I wanted to plan for our life together! John and I wanted to celebrate our love and prepare for our marriage, and combining that with our demanding careers, we knew eloping was the best way to have our perfect wedding day with minimal stress.”

Mandy researched beautiful venues in Lake Como, and she fell in love with Balbianello. “I knew that is where we would commit our lives together. ” And so it was! Mandy jokes that her favorite color is glitter, but next to that it’s pink. “I knew that I wanted to wear the blush colored Vera from the moment I saw it. It was meant to be my dress!” She then added crystals to several elements the day, starting with encrusting the heels of her shoes to creat a fun design with John’s initial on the bottom.

The tiny florist down the road had minimal flowers, so Mandy took what she had in the colors white and pink. “I loved the experience of walking to the florist and picking flowers, so I didn’t’ really care what they were. It turned out gorgeous!”








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