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Effortless and chic, today’s Italian wedding on the island of Capri is pure magic. What a treat to spend a week on vacation in Italy, celebrating love, enjoying delicious food and basking in the sun! The wedding photos by Rochelle Cheever capture the light of the island and the beauty of the glowing bride and groom and their lucky guests.

Junebug: What were your most important goals in planning your wedding?

Bridjet and Barton: Making sure we hired the right team to produce the event. Making sure our guests had an amazing and memorable time. And making sure the location was extra special.

Junebug: How would you describe your personal wedding style?

Bridjet and Barton: Chic, non traditional, Italian, understated elegance, impactful.

Junebug: Where did you hold your wedding and reception, and why?

Bridjet and Barton: After visiting Capri Palace and Il Riccio Beach Club the year before our wedding (location scouting), we knew it was the most perfect spot. It had incredible views, amazing food, and allowed us to give our guests two separate experiences by offering us a ceremony on the terrace of the hotel and a party at the beach club.

Junebug: What three adjectives describe your wedding best?

Bridjet and Barton: sophisticated, exclusive, stylish








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