The luxury elopement experience by Rochelle Cheever is a boutique design and photography studio based in San Diego, California and Rome, Italy.

Capri luxury Elopement

Capri Elopement – The White Wren

Celebrate love in its purest form with Becca and Ruffin’s Capri elopement. On the sun-soaked shores of this idyllic island, they exchanged vows, creating a breathtaking scene against the backdrop of blue waters and rugged cliffs. Featured on The White Wren, their luxury elopement captures every heartfelt moment in vivid detail.

Step into their once-in-a-lifetime elopement as the talented team directed by luxury elopement designer, Rochelle Cheever brings their story to life, from the intimate ceremony to the Faraglioni boat ride under the Mediterranean sun. Becca and Ruffin’s Capri elopement is a visual journey transcending time, a tale of love that knows no boundaries.

Experience the magic for yourself by immersing in their story on The White Wren. Join this extraordinary couple on their journey into a romantic escape amidst the stunning landscapes of Capri. Follow the link to their heartwarming story here: [Link to The White Wren feature]. Your escape to their enchanting day is just a click away.








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