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Luna & Honey Magazine

Abigail & Nick’s Amalfi Coast Destination Wedding

photographed in Furore, Italy

published on Luna & Honey Magazine

The Beginning

Abigail & Nick have what all couples want – a love that defies distance. From their first meet – cute at a piano bar to reconnecting months later, the pair didn’t have easy cares dealt to them. But one man’s persistence and one woman’s devotion led them to the most incredible prize of all – true love.

It was May of 2011. Nick a senior at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, was living and working in Washington DC. He headed to Mr. Smith’s, a Georgetown piano bar, on ta night out with friends. Abigail, having returned from Florida where she’d worked managing an interior design store, joined her friend at the same bar. As a night wore on, both groups gathered around the piano and Nick and Abbie stared talking. They exchanged information before parting ways.

After heading to different parts of the world, – Abigail to California and Nick to Australia – it wasn’t until the following month that they went on a date. By now, Nick had started flight school to train as a Navy pilot in Florida, but made it clear where his heart was when he travelled back to Washington to see Abigail. The couple went on to date long-distance for a year and a half. Nick proposed in his birthplace of Oahu at sunrise.

From there, it was about planning a wedding that reflected their personalities. “We both come from large families – my maternal grandfather came from a small island in Greece called Tilos, and Nick’s paternal grandfather came from a small town outside of Naples, Italy, called “Scafati,” Abigail says. Torn between marrying in Greece or Italy, the travel enthusiasts decided on an intimate destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Luna & Honey Magazine

To read more, and see their stunning Amalfi Coast ¬†Wedding Photographed in Furore, Italy head over to “Luna & Honey Magazine” – Issue Two. Enjoy beautiful six page spread.


Amalfi Coast Destination Wedding



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