The luxury elopement experience by Rochelle Cheever is a boutique design and photography studio based in San Diego, California and Rome, Italy.

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The Art of Luxury Elopements: Beyond the Ordinary, Embracing the Extraordinary

Introducing "Luxury Elopements: A Guide to Intimate and Elegant Weddings" by Rochelle Cheever, the highly anticipated sequel to her best-selling book "The Elopement Experience™." This comprehensive guide has invaluable insights, creative ideas, and expert tips to help you plan an extraordinary elopement celebration.

This comprehensive guide empowers you to curate a unique and personalized elopement experience that reflects your style and vision.

From identifying the perfect location and creating a personalized ceremony to incorporating unique and memorable experiences and selecting upscale venues, this book provides the tools and inspiration to elevate your elopement to new heights of luxury and sophistication.

Whether you're a discerning couple seeking an exclusive elopement or an adventurous duo looking to add a touch of elegance to your intimate celebration, "Luxury Elopements" will help you plan a wedding day that is truly tailored to you.

Unlock the secrets to creating a truly personalized elopement with this comprehensive book.

What is inside?

"Luxury Elopements: A Guide to Intimate and Elegant Weddings" " provides expert advice, creative ideas, and practical tips for creating the perfect luxury elopement experience.

In this book you will learn...

Expert guidance on choosing the perfect location for your luxury elopement

Tips for designing a personalized and meaningful elopement ceremony

Creative ideas for incorporating unique experiences into your celebration

Insights on planning an exquisite and intimate elopement reception

Tips for finding and selecting the perfect retreat or venue

Using the season to your advantage for a unique elopement

Considerations for guest lists, budgets, and preferences

Differences between simple and luxury elopements

The distinction between adventure elopements and luxury elopements

Inspiration for unique and stylish elopement attire

Tips for extending and maximizing your elopement experience

Timeline and considerations for starting your elopement planning

Incorporating your honeymoon into your elopement celebration

Created as a sister companion to the new book

THE LUXURY ELOPEMENT Organizer & Planner

Actionable Worksheets and Checklists for Planning Your Elegant Elopement. Packed with Actionable Worksheets and Checklists. Features include:

  • Find Your Style: Discover your unique elopement vision and style with guided exercises and prompts.

  • Choose Your Destination: Explore various romantic locations and find the perfect destination for your dream elopement.

  • Select Your Date: Plan and organize your elopement date with helpful tools and resources.

  • Create Your Budget: Set and manage your elopement budget with practical worksheets and budgeting tips.

  • Find Your Planner: Learn to find and select the right elopement planner to help bring your vision to life.

  • Organize All the Details: Keep track of all the important details of your elopement, from vendors to logistics and more.

  • Find Luxury Elopement Dress Designers: Discover resources and inspiration for finding the perfect luxury dress for your elopement.

  • Define Your Vision: Clarify your elopement vision and create a cohesive plan for your special day.

  • Plan Your Timeline: Create a timeline and schedule for your elopement to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.

  • Find Inspiration: Get inspired with resources and ideas for creating a unique and unforgettable elopement experience.


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Rochelle Cheever | About the Author

Rochelle Cheever is a fine art film photographer and was born in the USA and raised in Rome, Italy. Her work has been exhibited at the Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Italy (with Patronage from the Italian Fine Arts Minister) , John Cabot University (Rome, Italy), The American Academy of Rome, and other venues in the USA and Italy. She currently lives in San Diego, California and part of the year in Italy.

Artist and photographer, Rochelle Cheever, has been awarded the Patronage of the Minister of Fine Arts and Culture in Italy (Patrocinio del Ministro per i Beni e le Attività Culturali), and Artoque (Diploma of Excellence, England). She has been a finalist at the Orvieto International Awards, Lucie International Photography Awards, and Tau Visual (National Association of Professional Photographers of Italy). Her work has been exhibited in Rome at the Vittoriano Museum (with Patronage from the Italian Fine Arts Minister), 100 Artisti a Trastevere, John Cabot University, Il Cortile dell’Arte, The American Academy, Explora Museum Italy and at Il Palazzetto Dépendence Hotel Hassler.



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