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The Italian Umbrella Pine Tree & it’s Pinoli + Pesto!

Rome is scattered with these ornamental umbrella trees. They not only look grandeur in photographs but they are also know for their “pinoli” pine nuts which are used for Italy’s famous pesto.
I remember as children, we would wait for the pine cones to drop from the tree and then crack the pine nut open with a stone and eat the pinoli. Our fingers would be black afterwards from the pine nut’s resin but well worth the mess as they are delicious.

Italian pines have been used and cultivated for their edible pine nuts since prehistoric times.

I am often asked for a good recipe for Pesto by my destination clients. It is actually quite easy to make. All ingredients must of course be fresh. Below is one in English. Make sure to use parmigiano (authentic) & not romano if in US. Also, I personally only add 1 whole garlic (not minced) as I am not too fond of Pesto with too strong of a garlic taste. Pesto

Here is another good read on Pesto Sauce








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