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Exclusive Made-in-Italy Custom Tailor in Rome Italy | GiosBrun

Being raised in Italy, I cannot help but have a soft spot for fashion. Being an artist myself, I adore all things “custom-made.”

To make a long story short, I was first introduced to this tailor by my son who has his suits and shirts made here. I fell in love with their showroom, the exquisite materials and their attention to all the fine details. They make tailor-make suits for men, jackets ties, belts, shoes everything for men and create a most elegant look from head to toe. I have yet to see anything more elegant for men. Oh, and they can create the same attire for your sons too for a perfect father-like son image.

If you are visiting Italy and are looking for something truly unique, be sure to stop by their showroom in Parioli area, Rome. Perfect place to have a suit made for Grooms on their wedding day too. To all my clients & friends, I would be most happy to introduce you to them while here.

Below is a brief styled photo-shoot of Massimo portrayed around Rome dressed by the exclusive GiosBrun Atelier.




































Model: Massimo Giammarco
Clothing by GiosBrun
City: Rome, Italy








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