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Breathtaking Images of Italy's Most Romantic Destinations

They say that instead of resting, on the 7th day, God created Italy — the rolling hills of Umbria and Tuscany, the endless fields of Puglia, the majestic cliffs and beaches of the Amalfi Coast.

Fine art photographer Rochelle Cheever has spent more than a decade scouting the most romantic and evocative locations in this beautiful country. In her book, she shares her discoveries. Using analog film to create an ethereal quality, she has captured the romantic heart of Italy, its historic gardens and ancient ruins, medieval castles and renaissance villas. 


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About The Book

Italy has always been a destination for travelers. For centuries, Rome was the caput mundi, center of the known world. Even after the fall of the empire, all roads led to Rome, the seat of the Catholic Church, a place of pilgrimage. In the 17th century, Italy became the primary destination of the Grand Tour, a trip essential for educating young men of means to experience Italy’s antiquity, art and architecture. But they saw more than they were sent to find. They saw sunlight, passion, a hunger for life. Why Italy? Because it is breathtaking.

More than another photo book showcasing the Italian countryside

ITALY, A ROMANTIC JOURNEY depicts ten of the most beautiful sites in the country, culled from the files of one of Italy’s leading wedding photographers, all shot with vintage cameras using analog film.

Through decades of wedding commissions, photographer Rochelle Cheever has accumulated a prodigious collection of images, shot during scouting trips. She hones in on light and space, carefully studying the area, searching for out-of-the-way locations, concentrating on texture and history. The images are accompanied by evocative quotes from Italian poets, emperors, philosophers and others, as well as descriptive text and an essay by author Joie Davidow.

The Chapters

Let celebrated photographer, Rochelle Cheever, take you on a romantic journey of her top ten Italian destinations – Rome, Capri, Florence, Polignano a Mare, Venice, Lake Como, Positano, Orvieto, Ravello, Chianti – with her stunning imagery capturing the very essence of Italy.


Soft Cover Edition

100 pages, Size 8.5 x 8.5 inches (Square format)

Matte Cover, softcover

Printed on Premium Paper

Published by Springtime Books, London

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Limited Edition Collection Sets

Each Limited Edition book contains:

100 pages, Size 12.5 x 10.5 (Landscape format)

Hardcover, Printed on Archival Paper

Signed and numbered by Rochelle Cheever



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Rochelle Cheever | About the Author

Rochelle Cheever is a fine art film photographer and was born in the USA and raised in Rome, Italy. Her work has been exhibited at the Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Italy (with Patronage from the Italian Fine Arts Minister) , John Cabot University (Rome, Italy), The American Academy of Rome, and other venues in the USA and Italy. She currently lives in San Diego, California and part of the year in Italy.

Artist and photographer, Rochelle Cheever, has been awarded the Patronage of the Minister of Fine Arts and Culture in Italy (Patrocinio del Ministro per i Beni e le Attività Culturali), and Artoque (Diploma of Excellence, England). She has been a finalist at the Orvieto International Awards, Lucie International Photography Awards, and Tau Visual (National Association of Professional Photographers of Italy). Her work has been exhibited in Rome at the Vittoriano Museum (with Patronage from the Italian Fine Arts Minister), 100 Artisti a Trastevere, John Cabot University, Il Cortile dell’Arte, The American Academy, Explora Museum Italy and at Il Palazzetto Dépendence Hotel Hassler.



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