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Ischia Elopement -

An Elopement in Ischia, Italy


Natalie and  Langston had an Elopement in Ischia, Italy which was simply spectacular. In the beginning they wanted to elope along the Amalfi Coast, but after some planning they decided to elope on the Volcanic Island of Ischia. 

Ischia is an Island  in the gulf of Naples. Its close to the more popular Island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast. It's off the beaten path and much less flashy. An undiscovered Paradise still raw beauty and authentic.

They came a long way from Chicago to Bella Italia to say "Si." But so worth it. Away from it all, and the best part, it was just the two of them. A Perfect Elopement Experience.

Ischia Elopement

What Inspired you to have a destination elopement in Italy?

 We chose Italy for our elopement for its beautiful scenery and romantic ambiance. We are a very private couple and choose a few close friends over large groups. We wanted to elope so that the union would be about us and our commitment to marriage rather than having a huge wedding production with family.  We treasure our close bond and intimacy. We love adventure and trying new things; so visiting a castle and taking a boat ride at sunset tap into our passions. Everything about Italy exceeded our expectations from the picturesque landscapes to the delicious food.  Our wedding day was not only intimate and romantic, but we had so much fun spending the day together.

Ischia Elopement

In what ways did you personalize your Ischia Elopement 

For our wedding day, we wrote our own vows in little vow book keepsakes.  We got married in the Olea Garden at the San Montano Resort and then went to the Castello Aragonese d’Ischia to take photographs. While in the castle we leisurely explored different areas taking photos and even stopped for a coffee at a cafe.  Afterwards, we took a romantic boat ride at sunset back to the resort. We finished off the day with a private dinner overlooking the bay at the resort. 

Ischia Elopement -

What were your favorite wedding day details?

First and foremost, the mayor showed up!  While it was unexpected; it was a nice addition to the ceremony.  Our personalized vows were very special.  We both loved taking photos around the castle -- that was super unique and so fun!  The views were gorgeous! We also enjoyed the boat ride back to the resort.  It was a nice quiet time for us to be together.  We both had a blast at dinner -- the food and wine was incredibly delicious!

Ischia Elopement

Inspiration/theme behind your Ischia elopement?

Romance, love, and adventure!

Ischia Elopement - Aragonese Castle

Tell us a little bit about how you chose your invitations, flowers, venue, and dress:

We chose the San Montano Resort for its beautiful views, gorgeous landscapes, and the over-the-top hospitality of the staff.  Because we were eloping, I decided on a dress that was a bit sexier than I probably would have chosen for a traditional wedding. Langston decided to wear a vibrant blue suit as we both wanted a nice pop of color in the photos.

Ischia Elopement - San Montano

How did you meet?

We were both members of a Crossfit gym and they hosted a gym outing at a Chicago White Sox Baseball game.  We had never met before because he would work out in the mornings and I worked out in the evenings.  At the tailgate, we both separately asked the gym owners about the other person. We talked during the whole game and afterwards started messaging on Instagram.  We went out on a date just a few days later -- he took me to a cute tequila bar in Chicago. The rest is history!

Ischia Elopement -

Is  there anything else you would like to share from your big day?

We highly recommend eloping.  Every person we share our story with is envious of our special day.  Ischia was a gem!  We spent the rest of our honeymoon in other parts of Italy, but Ischia was our favorite. It's not too crowded, the people are super nice, the views are beautiful and the food is the best!

Ischia Elopement -

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