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Florian’s proposal to Insa in Rome via Munich, Germany | Italy Proposal, Engagement and Wedding Photography

Florian & Insa have been dating for 10 years. They met in their last year of college. And Florian “romantically” proposed In “romantic” Rome, Italy. It was all a big surprise to Insa (as I often say, photographs never lie…)

It was one big surprise after another. Florian told Insa to pack a suitcase as they were going on a trip… that was all. Insa found out they were going to Rome only when she arrived at the airport in Munich.

The afternoon after they arrived in Rome, Florian told Insa to wear something a little elegant as they would be going out to a fine restaurant after a sunset stroll.

And then, “the little- BIG surprise” detour… along their afternoon stroll through Rome, Florian got down on his knees and proposed! And, Insa stunned said, YES!

Of course, Florian had every detail planned & together Florian & I created a most romantic proposal setting to his big love, Insa. We met the day he arrived in Rome & I guided him as to where & how to stand so we could capture Insa’s full expressions along.

After the proposal photo session, I took off my paparazzi costume, came out of hiding (another surprise for Insa) and we had a fun “engagement” session around Rome. Insa, smiled ear to ear the whole time. So did Florian.

They had a romantic dinner at one Rome’s best restaurants at Campo dei Fiori Camponeschi. It is definitely “fav” of mine .

Florian here is your sneak preview —> AUGURI!








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