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Eloping in Kauai with some fun travel tips for your Hawaiian honeymoon


Aloha!!! Are you thinking of eloping but don't know where to elope yet? Are you still undecided whether to to have an elopement vs wedding? Then this video "Eloping in Kauai," will give you some ideas for having an intimate wedding on this magical Island. I will show you how to have a Kauai Elopement and share useful information about eloping in Hawaii along with some fun travel tips for your Hawaiian honeymoon. 

To have the best “ELOPEMENT EXPERIENCE” for your Hawaii elopement, I’ll give you some elopement wedding ideas and also a few things to consider on how to elope in Kauai to  personalize your day. 

I’ll  share things to do and see to have the best honeymoon in Kauai and great local travel tips. Kauai, also known as the garden island is perfect for a adventure elopement. You'll have amazing elopement photographs to show your family and friends back home. I'll show you some great locations  with beautiful backdrops for your elopement or your  honeymoon adventure photographs

Kauai in listed in my book “THE ELOPEMENT EXPERIENCE” as one of the top ten places for an elopement worldwide. 

It is the oldest Hawaiian Islands, about 5 million years. Yes, it's part of the US, but it feels way different than anything else in the country. The ideal months to elope…. are year-round! 

Time permitting, you should try to combine your elopement with your honeymoon, so you have time to explore the Island. There are just so many fun things to do and see especially if you love adventure and nature.

Another option is to go island hopping and visit some of the other Hawaiian Islands. Mahalo!


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