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CAPUT MUNDI – ROME, ITALY Wedding Photographer | KEVIN & LAURA via North Carolina

I had the honor to photograph Kevin & Laura’s Wedding yesterday in Rome, Italy. They are a most amazing couple & fit like a glove. In the images below, you can see they simply “blend” with one another.

They are both so multi-talented and do so much for the world. Their history & stories are go beyond “interesting.” Bellissima Laura, just received her Doctorate in Forensic Science. And that is how they met, seven years ago on a crime scene. Laura is also a country singer… her list of accomplishments is LONG. Kevin, on the other hand, protects children (he does a lot more since it is such a delicate matter, will generalize). You can’t help but adore this guy. Kevin is unique and oh-so funny. I kept asking him yesterday “Do you have a brother?” LOL! Unfortunately, no… Dang it.

As they were getting married on top of Palazzo Manfredi you could see the sun rays coming from the sky/clouds – very mystical (as can be seen in the first image below).

Love Laura’s dress which was designed by Olga Cassini (the same designer of Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Gown).

Below are some quick highlights & more to come –> presto!!!


amazing sun beams from clouds highlighting the Colosseum

In the image below, check the reflection of the Colosseum in the white wine.








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