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Boho-Chic Elopement Theme


Today we’ll be covering THE BOHO-CHIC ELOPEMENT THEME” which is feminine, elegant, and romantic with an artistic twist and a strong play of color.

In this second installment of Finding Your Elopement Theme, we’ll talk about Boho-Chic. These guides are meant to help you find a unique style for your wedding, one that expresses your personalities, whether it’s Romantic, Boho-Chic, Classical, or Modern Minimalist, Think of the way you’ll decorate the home you share to fully reflect your unique tastes. Why wouldn’t you want to take the same care with a day you’ll cherish all your lives? Many couples browse through apps, websites and magazines, searching for a theme for their elopement and grab onto the first thing they like, whether or not it truly reflects who they are.

Instead, personalize your wedding day, by considering your background and your spouse’s, your individual heritage, likes, and dislikes. Remember, you want to choose an elopement style that resonates with you as a couple.

Now let’s discuss Boho-Chic. Boho short for Bohemian refers to an area of Central Europe, where the style, influenced by gypsies, involves rich colors, folk patterns, embroidery, ethnic elements, and eclectic combinations of patterns and textures. Think free-spirited, artistic, exotic.


The boho-chic theme is feminine, elegant, and romantic with an artistic twist and a strong play of color. Think late summer flowers, feathers, macramé, dream catchers, crystals, vintage jewelry. Include personal details and symbolism that represents you individually and as a couple.Boho-chic Elopement Theme


Choose no more than two main shades, with touches of an accent color. Think pastel shades of mauve, blush, off-white, soft lavender, touches of sage green. I go more into color & design in my online course DESIGNING YOUR DREAM ELOPEMENT.


Choose a gown that makes a statement and spells romance.

Flowing fabrics like chiffon, lace, and tulle, in white, palest pink or grey, nude.

Floral accents.



Your flowers should harmonize with both your theme and your elopement destination. In Hawaii, you might choose orchids, in the South of France, lavender.

Think cascading bouquets with accents of muted greenery such as eucalyptus, sage or bay. Trailing vines, flowing ribbons. Perhaps flowers woven through your hair or a flower garland.

Some especially romantic flowers are jasmine, orange blossom, peonies, roses.


Ideal VENUES for a Boho-Chic Elopement

Either find a venue with romantic gardens and trees or decorate the space with lots of florals.

Go beyond table decorations. Think of arbors, flowering arches, a floral chuppah, hanging installations, a carpet of petals.

Look for romantic architecture, time-worn stone walls, and brickwork. Choose a destination with a castle or chateau or a romantic landscape like the vineyards of Napa Valley or the olive groves of Tuscany.

If you’re getting married locally, look for a venue with European architecture like the Fairmont in San Diego or the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. You can turn any venue into a romantic oasis by filling it with delicate details.


Venues for a boho-chic Elopement theme


TABLES – boho-chic

Think a romantic table for two with garden-fresh flowers and lots of candlelight.  Remember to use the color palette you’ve chosen as your theme for tablecloths, napkins, candles, and flowers. You might even accent the look with gold flatware. Re-purpose your bouquet as a centerpiece for a super intimate elopement or think of flowing vines and pale colors.

Table ideas for a boho-chic elopement


Carry your floral theme into the cake decorations. Use real flowers and soft pastel icing. A few stems of eucalyptus or vines can be especially beautiful.

cake ideas for a boho-chic elopement theme

WEDDING SUITE—invitations, vow booklets, place cards…

There’s nothing more romantic than hand-done calligraphy. Think pen and ink, love letters, gold accents.  You can find calligraphers and graphic artists online at  Etsy.

boho-chic invites

Tip: Write a beautiful hand-written note to your spouse to be opened on your wedding day, maybe along with a gift.



Your look will depend on your hair length and your dress. Even short hair can be romantic with soft curls or a crown of flowers.  If your hair is a little longer, add a few flowers to a messy bun or braid. Makeup should reflect your chosen color palette. Stay away from harsh looks or bright colors. Think a soft pink, natural look. Makeup should harmonize with your dress, so you’ll need just a touch of color.

hair for a boho-chic elopement theme

Next time, we’ll discuss the Modern Minimalist theme. See you then!








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