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Tuscany Elopement at Borgo Pignano

The Elopement Day

Rafal and Mel's intimate elopement took place at Borgo Pignano in Volterra, Italy. This historic estate, dating back to the 18th century, is nestled in the heart of Tuscany. Known for its stunning views and beautifully renovated villas, Borgo Pignano provided the perfect setting for their romantic celebration.

Getting Ready:

Rafal and Mel began their day in a private villa with a pool and two bedrooms, styled in classic Tuscan design. The villa featured a beautifully renovated casale, offering an elegant and comfortable space to prepare for their special day. Rafal wore a wool silk linen suit from Suit Supply, while Mel chose an embroidered long sleeve gown from BHLDN. Their elopement theme was tailored to them, "Embracing Tuscany: A Serene Elopement Journey," was carefully curated to complement the natural beauty of the region.


The ceremony took place outdoors, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Borgo Pignano. As the designer and planner, I have the great pleasure of styling every detail, from the florals to the decor which I tailor for each couple and elopement. The floral arrangements, crafted by our talented florist from Rome, featured a mixture of beige, white, and champagne colors. Fabio, the celebrant chosen from a wide selection, officiated the intimate ceremony. The couple exchanged vows with the serene backdrop of their Tuscany elopement at Borgo Pignano, accompanied by a guitarist from Florence.

Newlywed Excursion:

After the ceremony, Rafal and Mel embarked on a newlywed excursion around Tuscany. They visited local vineyards, historic sites, and charming towns, immersing themselves in the rich culture and breathtaking scenery of the region. This excursion allowed them to create lasting memories and experience the true essence of Tuscany.

Private Dinner:

The day concluded with a private dinner prepared by a personal chef. The meal featured local ingredients and traditional Italian dishes, including risotto con tartufi (rice with truffles). The dinner scape, which I designed, included arrangements of local herbs (sage, mint, rosemary), candles, and a touch of green and champagne colors. The highlight of the evening was a live cooking show of millefoglie, a traditional Italian wedding cake, adding an interactive and delightful element to the celebration.

Their Theme and Design:

As their planner and designer,  I designed boards for every aspect of the day, including the color scheme, decor and florals, attire for the couple and their guests, and selecting and coordinating all the vendors (as we do this for all our couples). This attention to detail ensured that Rafal and Mel's Tuscany elopement at Borgo Pignano was a seamless and memorable experience.

Borgo Pignano provided the perfect backdrop for Rafal and Mel's Tuscany elopement at Borgo Pignano. The combination of stunning landscapes, rich history, and personalized touches made their day unforgettable. If you're considering a Tuscany elopement, Borgo Pignano offers a unique and romantic setting for your special day.

Explore the beauty of Rafal and Mel's elopement through our gallery portfolio below. Witness their intimate and romantic celebration at Borgo Pignano.

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