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San Diego Graduation Photography

San Diego Graduation Photography

Here is Lexi’s San Diego California graduation photography from California State University. She graduated in 2021 and had her graduation photo session at San Marco’s campus. She chose to wear solid colors which worked well which allows you to be the focal point. Too many patterns will distract and take the focus off of you. So when choosing a color, try to pair it with not only what you feel and look good but also the environment (location), your cap, sash, and gown. Notice how Lexi, for her San Diego graduation photography shoot, wore a black dress with her red sash and a white dress with her blue sash. The colors paired perfectly and the outfits looked great on her too.

More ideasĀ  on what to wear:

One of my favorite things to do is to design a portrait shoot from what to wear to the choice of location. Your clothes also help tell your story, just like the environment. The theme, your coloring + features, and your choice of location will all assist in determining how to dress. I like to blend with the environment and to have a cohesive flow with the whole shoot. Everything from the shoes, to clothing, hair, and make-up, will all tie together. Since your photographs are timeless works of art, I suggest avoiding trends and stick to something more classic and enduring.








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