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K & J Paris

La Vie est Belle. A Paris Engagement Session

Paris is the City of Lights & also the City d’Amour. So much beauty and art and perfect city to celebrate love whether an engagement or elopement.
One of the many good reasons of being raised in Italy is that everything is relatively close to one another. Just a quick two plane ride from Rome. I have many fond memories of Paris going way back to childhood. Paris along with other European countries was among the list for our weekly Spring field trips to choose. I went a lot with my Mother as well and even have some cousins and good friends that live there as well. So it is always a pleasure to return.
This past March, I met with Kanani & Jason. They began their European Journey in Paris from Kauai, Hawaii. In Paris, they had their engagement session and then headed to Italy. Their first stop in Italy was Lucca, where they celebrated their destination wedding. From there they honeymooned in Florence, Venice and lastly Rome. Yours Truly followed them throughout (lucky me), and we had fun photo sessions in each city. More on their full trip coming soon.
As mentioned earlier, this is the beginning of their European Journey. It all started in Paris. AboveĀ are a few highlights of the e-session in Paris. Enjoy!








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