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Luxury Elopement in Lake Como at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Kaylee and Ben’s luxury elopement in Lake Como was a truly unforgettable experience. The couple, who eloped this past October from the United States, arrived in this idyllic location on a sunny day, ready to begin their new life together.

Their elopement in Lake Como was an elegant and sophisticated affair, reflected in the day’s design and color palette. Kaylee chose a neutral and classic look with a cream-and-white color scheme.

They got ready in their luxurious suite, where Kaylee was pampered and had her hair and makeup done. She then slipped into her beautiful gown designed by Sarah Seven.

When  Ben was ready, he ventured to the Pool area and enjoyed his favorite drink, the Old Fashion, as he waited for Kaylee.

They then made their way to a private ceremony location, where they exchanged vows in an intimate and emotional ceremony—surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Como and the Swiss Alps.

After the ceremony, they enjoyed a romantic boat ride, visiting picturesque villages along the lake’s shoreline and taking in the breathtaking views stopping at Bellagio and Varenna as newlyweds. The clear blue waters and charming, colorful houses along the shore made for a truly magical experience.

At sunset, they returned to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The couple celebrated with a delicious dinner at an award-winning restaurant, enjoying the finest Italian cuisine and raising a toast to their new life together.

One of the highlights of the evening was the beautiful wedding cake that Kaylee and Ben enjoyed. The cake was a traditional Italian millefoglie, or “thousand leaves.” It was made with layers of delicate, flaky pastry and creamy filling, often flavored with vanilla or chocolate.

The millefoglie is a popular choice for weddings in Italy. The delicate layers of pastry, rich, creamy filling and fresh fruit make for a truly indulgent dessert.

From the stunning natural beauty of the lake to the delicious food and luxurious accommodation, every detail was perfectly planned and executed.  Their luxury elopement in Lake Como was a beautiful and sophisticated affair, with an elegant color palette and attention to detail. The neutral tones added to the timeless and romantic atmosphere of the day, and the couple will always cherish the memories of their special day.

It was a truly special day for the couple that they will always remember as the beginning of their new life together.

A Luxury Elopement in Lake Como, Italy at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo








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