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Jamaica Destination Wedding - Mendhi Party Day 2

Jamaica Wedding – Mendhi Party- Day 2

If you’re planning a wedding and are looking for a beautiful, tropical destination, Jamaica (or any other Caribbean island, for that matter) is a fantastic choice. Palak and Kevin had their destination wedding in Jamaica in March. Not only is the weather absolutely gorgeous this time of year, but it’s also a great escape from the cold if you’re not a fan of winter. (This is part of a 4-day Wedding Portfolio: Day 2: Jamaica Destination Wedding Mendhi Party).

On the second day of this particular Jamaica wedding, we celebrated with a Mendhi Party – a pre-wedding event where the bride and her female friends and family get henna tattoos and celebrate the upcoming nuptials.  The party was all about hot pink and red,  and it was stunning. The entire event was bursting with color and energy, which was a perfect match for the laid-back, tropical setting.

We made sure to incorporate some local flavor into the party by setting up some local and Indian food, traditional Jamaican jerk chicken BBQ, and serving up tropical cocktails made with fresh pineapple and coconut.

But the real highlight was the henna tattoo artists who flew in from New York. They were true masters of their craft, and the tattoos were absolutely beautiful. From delicate, swirling patterns to bold, colorful statements, each tattoo was a work of art.

It was an early morning event, and after lunch, Palak’s friends and families retired to their villas, each with their own gorgeous tattoos that would last for several days. It was a perfect way and a great way to kick off the rest of the wedding festivities.

This Mendhi Party at this Jamaica wedding was a great success. The weather was great and it’s just one of the many reasons why getting married in the Caribbean is such a fantastic idea.

So if you’re planning a wedding and want to escape the cold (or just enjoy some sunshine and beautiful beaches), consider saying “I do” in Jamaica or any other Caribbean island. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

If you missed Day 1 of this gorgeous Jamaica Wedding, Palak + Kevin’s Jamaica Destination Wedding, you can watch it here.








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