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A Portrait of Kauai, Hawaii

Last November, I went to Kauai, Hawaii, also known as “The Garden Island.” I have been wanting to go for quite awhile and a few of us (family & friends) decided to meet there over Thanksgiving vacation. I came from Rome (after a pit-stop in San Diego to say a quick hello to Mom) while the rest of our party came from directly from San Diego.

As the plane descended in Kauai, I got a quick glimpse of what was to come. From the airplane window I could see the Pacific Ocean’s patchwork of vivid colors and the Island’s colossal mountains. The moment I landed into Lihue airport, I could feel a whole different vibe. A sense of bliss and tranquility entered every breath.

In our group, we had Maile who was born and raised on the Island. A true local. Her parents still live there and have an amazing house and resort/farm. During the trip, I photographed Maile’s engagement session.

So I got to see & live Kauai through the eyes of a true Hawaiian. Everyday was an adventure as she brought us to all her favorite places. One day a hike, another day Queen’s baths….& I can’t even recall how many white sandy beaches we went to.









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